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     “…I’m realizing that you don’t have as many of those moments as you grow older that you have when you’re young, because everything when you’re young is so huge--so bountiful and so kinda endless… As you get older, I think you start to realize that time and all these moments are really, kind of,  part of a longer moment.”

 In any art form, but especially in the world of music, the artist with dreams of triumph always finds themselves vying for their “big break”. They find themselves waiting and waiting for that one significant event or one important listener to launch them into their career.


But what if it wasn’t about that one moment of significance? What if you don’t have to move to Nashville or Los Angeles to achieve someone else’s version of success? What if the interaction of artist and follower is right there within the neighborhood you’re apart of now?


There’s a strong musical identity in the midwest, and we wanted to capture that—and celebrate it. You don’t have to go coastal to achieve your dreams. You can make valuable art right where you are. We believe that our greatest achievements in art are only valuable when they are paired with the long moment that is community.

Welcome to Ope! Records.

- Justin Vernon